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The Rental Economy

The Rental Economy
I’ve wanted to talk about rental companies for a long time, but I’ve been crafting the right way to approach this as I have a lot of friends and clients who rent from companies here in Singapore.

I often get asked, are rental companies sustainable? And the answer, as you’ve probably guessed, is complicated.

First of all, let’s drop this whole “sustainability” facade. In fashion, nothing is truly sustainable. Let’s just be honest about that and with ourselves. If we wanted to be 100% eco-friendly we’d all be running around naked and NO ONE wants that. 😂

Here’s some ways that I think rental companies are brilliant:

✅You have an ever-evolving closet of choices to wear for interviews, dates, nights out, photoshoots, vacations (WHAT ARE THOSE LOL), events (LOL EVEN MORE), basically any type of situation where you want to stand out a bit.

✅Amazingly curated selection of designer or contemporary pieces that you might not be able to afford at full price to purchase/own.

✅Can fill our need to “have something new” without the guilt.


❌A rental company who sells off their “old” product at the end of a season, year, or whenever the style is not trendy anymore, says a lot to me about how “sustainable” this actually is.

❌Are we just going to ignore the fact that every single piece is dry-cleaned after every return?

❌Lastly, and what I am trying to highlight in these two images, is: if they’re buying new product to rent every so often, then eventually selling off to you at a discount, this is BASICALLY THE SAME as just buying from a traditional retailer! The ONLY difference is that the product has been rented to others prior to your purchase.

💸By purchasing a piece from a rental company you’re not actually contributing to a circular economy. That item will be replaced by another soon.

🙅🏻‍♀️You shouldn’t sign up to try to be more sustainable if that is your goal.

💡 If that’s your goal, please DM me for a closet session on how we can rewear what you already own.

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