About Us & FAQ

Who We Are

The Reoutfitter Shop is run by Sera Murphy, aka The Reoutfitter and our team of preloved fashion advocates. For more on who I am and what I do read here. This shop started in 2021 as a way to sell our client's gently used designer, premium, cult and vintage label apparel and accessories.

In keeping with The Reoutfitter's mission of "shopping better," we wanted to extend the life of our client's pieces, particularly those we know have more life and deserve to be worn longer. We aim for you to shop better brands, shop less fast fashion, look great, have fun and most importantly, do good for the world. Secondhand and preloved can and will always be, the most sustainable shopping option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try items on?

Yes! Please visit our showroom located in River Valley, Singapore for you to try pieces on.

Appointments must be made as we will not accept walk-ins. Make your appointment here.

Where are your pieces sourced from?

The majority of items are from The Reoutfitter's styling clients: those who opt for Closet Reoutfits or Full Reoutfits have the option to sell their items (agreed upon the client and The Reoutfitter). 

The rest are specially curated pieces found by The Reoutfitter on the secondhand market. Items are chosen based on brand, size, quality, and fit into the overall assortment. 

Can I sell my things on The Reoutfitter Shop?

As part of our mission to drive sustainable shopping habits at the start, we only sell on consignment for clients who have opted for our styling services.

The secondhand market is a band-aid solution to how we currently shop. The Reoutfitter wants to heal the wound instead of adding more band-aids. Our styling clients who have gone through the Closet or Full Reoutfit have been given tips and advice on how to wear and re-wear existing pieces and how to "shop better." The items to sell are truly those that don’t add any value in their wardrobe, after our full assessment. Our mission is to reduce overall global consumption of clothing, and we believe in stopping it at the source.

If you are interested in a service, please contact us!

If you are only interested to sell items, we highly recommend: The Fifth Collection, Style Tribute, One Soul Many Stories, SecondOther, The Reloved Collective, which all accept consignments to the public and based locally in Singapore!

I'm interested in styling, where can I learn more?

Please inquire at:


To become a client. We'd love to work with you!

Other inquiries?

Not finding your answer here? Email us at: shop@thereoutfitter.com

What size am I?

Please see our size chart below!

Due to the wide range of labels we carry, there is a wide range of sizing styles on our website! For example, a brand based in the United States will typically use different numerical systems vs. those from Australia. We currently carry US, Australian, UK, European, Asian and local brands.

To make it easier, we have grouped the wide range of sizing into standard categories of XS, S, M, L/XL.

Within those categories you will find a range of specific sizes based on the label's country.

Please also note that a lot of the garments we receive do not fit "true to size," we encourage you to come make an appointment to try on so there are no disappointments.