Today I want to talk about $70 and bust out some of my old retail planning math. No need for a calculator here, just follow along:

$70 is about the average cost of a dress at Mango or Zara. (If not higher for the latter.)

200. The amount of dress styles I counted on the Zara website before my eyes burned from a polyester overload. There’s probably more but I couldn’t stomach scrolling further.

Assuming minimum of 20 units per dress (across sizing), multiplied by 5 stores (there’s 9 in Singapore but I’ll give them the benefit that not every dress goes into every store) = 20,000 dresses.

Still with me? I’m trying to use big even numbers here. 😂

20,000 x $70 = $1.4 MILLION

That’s right. Zara is likely making more than $1.4 million in dresses in one season in the tiny Singapore market. By the way, these are dresses only. We haven’t counted the shirts, pants, tops, accessories. Plus, I stopped counting styles, and I assumed, “only $70.”

So next time you think, “oh this dress at Zara is only $70,” ask yourself. Do you really need to be giving this fast fashion environmental disaster of a brand another $70?

Instead, you could snag up a secondhand sparkly duster like this one for the same price. By the way, the costs go back to the original owner (my clients) and minimal amount for yours truly to run the shop. 😊

Yes this was my long winded way of saying: shop small and shop secondhand.

Lastly, $70 is actually a lot of money. It could balloon to $1 million in an instant. Don’t throw it away on a one season item.
July 22, 2021 — sera murphy