About Us

The Reoutfitter Shop started in 2021 as a way to sell The Reoutfitter's styling client's gently used designer, premium, cult and vintage label apparel.

Since then we have grown to have a physical showroom, a full team and a growing, loyal customer base who comes to us to find what they need, and unique treasures that are hard to find in stores in Singapore. We currently ship to 30+ countries and working on adding more!

In keeping with The Reoutfitter's mission of "shopping better," we wanted to extend the life of our client's pieces, particularly those we know have more life and deserve to be worn longer.

We aim for you to shop better brands, shop less fast fashion, look great, have fun and most importantly, do good for the world.

Read more about our team below.

Meet the Team

Sera Murphy


Hello, it's The Reoutfitter here! As the public “face” of our personal styling services, I want to introduce you to the incredible team that works their magic behind the scenes.

"The Reoutfitter" is more than just personal styling; it's a collective of passionate individuals dedicated to finding new homes for our clients' pieces through our resale platform, The Reoutfitter Shop. What sets our team apart is the special connection we build with our customers – we're not just sales associates, but experts, consultants, and sustainability enthusiasts.

Get to know our amazing team by reading more about them here. And who knows, you might even have the chance to meet them at our showroom or one of our open house events!

Kallie McDonough


Is that the longest title ever? If so, it’s because Kallie is our jack-of-all-trades.

She’s got a background in accounting, business development, consulting, and teaching. And to add to her incredible street cred: she sews and knits in her free time, making her an expert in fits!

You’ll see Kallie at our showroom managing everything that goes into our shop operations: pricing, photography, photo editing, and everything online shop-related.

You may also see Kallie along with Sera at Closet Reoutfits or shopping sessions, helping with photography and shopping: her knowledge in fits and garment construction comes in handy outside the showroom too! Kallie also helps create lookbooks for clients who need help mixing & matching in our Remix system.

Shereen Bains


Meet Shereen, who is so much more than our showroom assistant, more like our all-round specialist. Shereen brings her background in law to make sure all of our small-business tasks are getting done on time!

You’ll see Shereen helping out at the showroom with photography, order packing, and shipping. If you've visited our showroom or attended our open houses, you've likely encountered Shereen – the friendly face pulling styles and helping you try on pieces.

You may also see Shereen with Sera at Closet Reoutfits, helping with photography of client’s items for our Remix system.