About Us

Who We Are

The Reoutfitter Shop is run by Sera Murphy, aka The Reoutfitter and our team of preloved fashion advocates. 

For more on The Reoutfitter, read here.

This online shop started in 2021 as a way to sell our client's gently used designer, premium, cult and vintage label apparel and accessories.

Since then we have grown to have a physcial showroom, a full team and a growing, loyal customer base who comes to us to find what they need, and unique treasures that are hard to find in stores in Singapore.

In keeping with The Reoutfitter's mission of "shopping better," we wanted to extend the life of our client's pieces, particularly those we know have more life and deserve to be worn longer.

We aim for you to shop better brands, shop less fast fashion, look great, have fun and most importantly, do good for the world.

Secondhand and preloved can and will always be, the most sustainable shopping option.