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Other FAQ's:
1. What size group should I look at & why are there so many options?
Due to the wide range of labels we carry, there is a wide range of sizing styles. For example, a brand based in the United States will typically use different numerical systems vs. those from Australia. We currently carry US, Australian, UK, European, Asian and local brands. To make it easier, we have grouped the wide range of sizing into standard categories of XS, S, M, L/XL. Within those categories you will find a range of specific sizes based on the label's country. If you're unsure of your size in one grouping, use our Size Chart for reference. For any specific measurement requests, please email or
2. What payments do you accept?
Visa, Mastercard, Amex and PayNow.
3. Can I try on items?
We don’t allow try-ons but we have a 7 day return policy, as long as the item(s) are postmarked 7 days after the item is received. See our full policy here. Please follow us on Instagram & Facebook for pop-ups that we do a few times a year where pieces can be tried on! (Styling Clients who have opted for a Reoutfit within the last 1 year are eligible for try-ons.)
4. Can I pick up my order?
We don’t allow pickups as our inventory is held in a shared office location. If you are in a rush and need something quicker than the normal shipping time, please email us at: or to see if we can do to rush your order. *Courier fees will apply. Not applicable on weekends or public holidays. Subject to availability. 
5. Where are your items from?
The majority of items are from The Reoutfitter's clients: those who opt for Closet Reoutfits or Full Reoutfits have the option to sell their items (agreed upon the client and The Reoutfitter). The rest are specially curated pieces found by The Reoutfitter on the secondhand market. Items are chosen based on brand, size, quality, and fit into the overall assortment. 
6. Can you sell my clothes?
At the moment, we are only accepting consignment opportunities from clients who have opted for the Closet or Full Reoutfits. Please take a look at
7. Why will you only sell your styling client's clothes?
Here's our reasoning: as much as we love buying secondhand, it is also driven by our own consumer habits. The secondhand market is a band-aid solution to how we currently shop. We often times feel better buying more, knowing we can just resell it if we need to. The Reoutfitter wants to heal the wound instead of adding more band-aids. Clients who have gone through the Closet or Full Reoutfit have been given tips and advice on how to wear and re-wear existing pieces and how to "shop better." The items to sell are truly those that don’t add any value in their wardrobe, after our full assessment. Our mission is to reduce overall global consumption of clothing, and we believe in stopping it at the source.
8. Will you ever host in-person shopping events? 
Yes! We often host pop-up shops or in person events. Events are limited and follow all Covid-19 restrictions. Please sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Instagram & Facebook for future updates. 
9. Do you have a physical store?
No. We are an online-based company.
10. I have a question about an item. Who can I contact? 
Please email: or for any questions! We will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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